Our Story

Before we invented windshield repair in 1972, wasteful and costly replacement was the best you could hope for. Our founder, inventor Dr. Frank Werner, knew there had to be a better way after the break-prone landscape of Wyoming sent three of his windshields to the local landfill.

After developing his solution with chemical engineer Bill Wiele and his business plan with partner Gerald Keinath, the company was brought to the masses in 1985 in the form of franchises. Literally creating an industry from the ground up, only one name truly fit: NOVUS, Latin for "innovative".

NOVUS has been awarded more U.S. patents for windshield repair than any other company in the windshield repair industry.

Dr. Frank Werner, inventor of Windshield Repair
Dr. Frank Werner, inventor of Windshield Repair
Corporate lore suggests that the windshield repair concept was born when Dr. Frank Werner broke his windshield on a family vacation to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Having recently retired, he was looking for a new challenge. Dr. Werner put a team together to find an alternative to replacement.
Our Vision

To be the customer's choice as the windshield repair expert offering the highest quality auto glass repair and replacement service in the franchisees' area of primary responsibility.

Our Promise

By choosing NOVUS Glass, you are being serviced by NOVUS, "The Windshield Repair Experts" who offer uncompromising quality and value in NOVUS products and service delivered by people who care.

Our Goal

At NOVUS, we believe that it is our responsibility to consistently provide the highest quality of service and products in the market. This is going beyond customer expectations and doing what is right. It includes being a good neighbor in the community, holding oneself accountable to fellow franchisees and the entire NOVUS organization and integrating social and environmental priorities within our service.

NOVUS International Location

Our Global Brand

Known around the world as the global leader in auto glass technology, you can count on NOVUS to be where you are when you need us the most. With close to 2,030 locations in 25 countries we have NOVUS Representatives on nearly every continent.

Whether you are in Santiago Chile or across the world in Bangpliyai Bangpli, Thailand, you will find a NOVUS location serving their local community with quality care, respect and trust.